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WordPress CMS + The best Builder and Plugins on the market = Fantastic Website!

Websites Overview

All of our websites are 'Responsive'. Computer, Tablet or Phone - it will look great!
The rebuild will provide, through better design, a site that is easily navigable to ensure viewers can find what they are looking for. User friendly editable pages allow better control, with the aim of improving conversion. 

Performance & security enhancements will be implemented. From firewalls, caching and image optimisation onsite, to server scans and load balancing offsite. Speed everything up and keep it locked down tight.
Client Editable
Design & Flow
Site Security
Speed & Performance

Header & Footer Area

Optimised for Computers/Tablets & Phone
We pay special attention to the Header & Footer areas of the website. People use many different types of devices when they visit your site - phone users may need different information than a laptop user, like phone numbers or hours of operation.

We have the option to make a completely different header and footer for a phone user than what we display to a laptop and tablet user. This intuitive way we design your site makes it easier to navigate, keeping users on your site longer which in turn leads to a higher conversion rate for enquiry or bookings.

Body/Main Area

Responsive layout design
The main area of your site is where all the action happens. While designing and building your site care is taken to make sure everything is not only layed out in a way that's easy to follow but also looks stylish and modern.

There are so many different styles of device that people will view your website on, we design the site from the very start with multiple devices in mind. The sizing and layouts of columns, fonts, images and other elements will adjust automatically, delivering your content in the best way possible. No matter what sort of device the user is viewing your website with, we can make sure it all looks perfect.

What's it Built With?

WordPress CMS + The best Builder and Plugins on the market = Fantastic Website!

Divi Theme

Powerful visual editing for your website
Divi is more than just a WordPress theme, it's a completely new website building platform that replaces the standard WordPress post editor with a vastly superior visual editor
WordPress powers 41% of the web. Its' Flexibility allows virtually any style of website to be designed, emphasizing accessibility, performance, security, and ease of use. The basic WordPress software is simple and predictable so you can easily get started. It also offers powerful features for growth and success.

WordPress CMS

The most used CMS in the world.

A Plugin Collection that's Hard to Match

Priced on single user licenses you save over $700 every year, compared to buying them yourself.

WordPress Plugins

Drive WordPress further
Too many plugins means lots of maintenance and can cause speed and performance issues. Unlike some agencies who will install a plugin to help with each part of your website requirements, our approach is to do our utmost to keep the website lean, less resource hungry, efficient and most of all, fast! while still providing everything your website needs.

WPMU Defender Pro

Keep your site safe from hackers!

Brute force attacks and malicious bots are no match for Defender's mighty WordPress security shields and cloaking technology.
Diviflash Logo


Take Divi to the next level with a new set of modules for Divi and a whole new range of design possibilities.
DiviFlash offers 35 Divi modules in one premium plugin that supercharges the already impressive Divi Theme.
Yoast Logo2

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO makes sure your site meets the highest technical SEO standards. It also gives you the tools to optimize your content for SEO and overall readability.

Litespeed Cache

The LSCache plugin includes built-in page &  image optimization, critical CSS generation, third-party CDN integration and a highly-configurable cache crawler. LSCache is the key to noticeably improving your website.

Formidable Forms

A form plugin packed with features. Accepts Stripe & PayPal, spam prevention, conditional logic and much more.

Beautifully styled to ensure higher conversions.

Mandrill API

We send mail using Mandrill API.
Guaranteed, track-able email delivery service. 

The form a client fills out on your website ends up where it should be…your inbox.


WP Media Folder
Do more with the Media Library
From beginners to advanced users, WP Media Folder is the easiest way to manage media on WordPress.
Supercharge your WordPress media library with hundreds of features.

  ✓ Unlimited folders and sub-folders
  ✓ Advanced media searching and filtering
  ✓ Replace a media in all WordPress posts
  ✓ Automatic watermarks on a folder selection
  ✓ Synchronize server files with folders
  ✓ Cloud gallery sync with Dropbox integration
And many more media folder features...
Wp Media Folder
Gallery Styles Available
Joom PortfolioJoom Flow Slide
Joom DefaultJoom Slider
Joom MasonryJoom Custom
Joom MaterialJoom Square Grid

Advanced Custom Fields Pro

ACF Pro takes WordPress to the next level
A WordPress plugin built for developers allowing your website greater flexibility as ACF allows for the creation of customised "form" style pages that cater exactly to the type of page and more importantly, information that needs to be present.
When used in conjunction with custom post "types", areas can be purpose built to house specific types of recurring page types like Special offers, Events or pricing.
The recent addition of ACF to our suite of tools adds a fantastic new range of functionality, previously only possible if you didn't mind the extra expense that went along with building and then maintaining such a thing. We can now offer a wider scope on what can be achieved, without the costly price tag that accompanies such a venture.
Using ACF is a bespoke solution, different for each build and needs of the individual business. Using an ACF solution will incur extra costs which hasn't been priced into this proposal. 

How Long Will it Take?

After we have all content in hand it usually takes between 2-4 weeks to build your site. We break the project into four areas.

1. Gather Content

The first phase of the build is usually the most important, this is where we gather together all of the content and start to design the overall structure and navigation flow.
While care can be taken to keep as much of the current structure as possible, sometimes it makes more sense to adjust some pages to help the site information flow better, which is beneficial for both for users and for the Google search bots!

2. Design & Build the Site

Once we have all the content ready it’s time to start building the site. All the necessary software is installed onto our servers and the settings are applied to get the best out of WordPress and the plugins we will be using. Once this has been done, we start fleshing out the design. Page templates are designed in a way that will complement the content they are to host.

3. Client Preview and Final Changes

When the build is at a stage where we believe it is complete enough to show you, we will send you a link to a preview domain and either go through it with you straight away or let you sit with it for a few days to make notes for us.
We aim to hit the mark pretty well and 9 times out of 10 there shouldn’t be too many changes, but we can go over the site with you and make the final alterations needed to get the site ready for the world.

4. Go Live

Once you have signed off on the build we push live. The server area and settings for email and other internal records are put in place.
Nameservers at the registrar are updated and within 4-24 hours the site will go live worldwide, the final steps are to test email is flowing (if its branded email) and apply the SSL certificate to the domain. We let the website sit and monitor for the first few days to make sure that there are no bugs.
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