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Our WordPress Plugin creates an intuitive bridge that connects your website visitors to your booking provider.

By streamlining this crucial step in the booking process, the plugin is designed to increase the number of direct bookings from your own website.

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Smart Selection Features
Available Dates, Minimum Nights and Daily Cut Off.

The calendar selection will only allow dates that are available to be booked, while also adhering to any minimum night stays and daily cut-off for same day bookings you may have in place.

Your guests won't be taken to a page that tells them there is nothing to book as this criteria is met on your site, only valid dates that should return a result on your booking page will be allowed to be selected.

The Layout & Design options we provide make it easy!

Choose from premade design templates or use our 'No Code' custom design editor. Floating or fixed layout options, position the widget virtually anywhere on your site. Inline or stacked options allow greater flexibility in addition to being able to choose a 1, 2 or 3 button layout..
100% Responsive - designed to work across all devices and platforms
100% Compatible - We test our plugin on all major themes and page builders
Save different layouts and designs to use anywhere on your site
Multiple Instances of the plugin can be drawn on the same page, allowing a different layout for mobile than desktop if required.

Built Lightweight to provide maximum speed and performance

The plugin uses minimal resources when performing tasks to keep it as fast as possible for your users.

Submit a ticket

Need Help? We Offer Support  

Clients have access to a support ticket system where we have experienced technical staff ready to help for anything related to the proper running of the plugin. If you are experiencing any problems or have any questions please be sure to submit a ticket as we are here to help.

Development, Maintenance and Updates
What will we be doing to keep the plugin patched and bug free?

The maintenance and upkeep of the Plugin's code will have top priority at all times.
Features and additional functionality will be released on a continual basis as they are developed. Throughout every stage of the product's development it will undergo rigorous benchmark testing before any version is released for use by our users.
Version control will be handled through a Git Repository and development will always follow industry standards to maintain the product in the most secure and professional manner possible.
Continual maintenance to the plugin will keep it up to date as changes to the WordPress system are released in addition to possible bug and conflict issues that are reported by users

Comprehensive Documentation

Read our documentation to find what you're looking. Learn how to install the plugin on your WordPress site through to detailed explanations of every facet and feature the plugin has to offer.
The documentation is provided on our website and is catalogued for ease of use.

How will the plugin be made available
Website Portal - Purchasing, Licencing and Client Area

Member Account and API Licence Software for download, activation and updates of the plugin after purchase.

The plugin will be available to purchase as a yearly subscription. Licensing software will generate an API token on a successful purchase that will allow remote activation on the users website while linking back to their client account page showing the site(s) the plugin has been activated on the time remaining before the subscription will need to be renewed.

After a confirmed purchase has been made an email containing login details will be sent to allow clients to access a member area to download the latest/legacy versions of the plugin and a copy of any API tokens for activation and updates of the plugin.
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