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Understanding your business goals is essential to designing the most effective marketing campaign. Insight into what you hope to achieve will help us create a plan that leads to success.
Our process allows us to maximise your ad campaign to consistently deliver the results you want to see.
Where Ads Display Sem

Where your ads will display

Location, Location, Location.
The objective is to get in front of people who are looking for what you sell. Running a Google Ads Campaign will get your business in front of  people who are actively searching for it on Google.

Low-Hanging Fruit
The first phase is to get you some leads straight out of the gate. We'll be going for the low-hanging fruit, where possible, just to get things going in the right direction.
We want to start generating instant revenue and this is the perfect way to achieve this.

How it works

Step 1  |  Discovery

Before we get started, we need to understand exactly who we're trying to target, what they might be interested in and how they might respond to certain things. 

We will discuss your expectations so that we can better understand what we are working towards.

Step 2  |  Creative

We want you to feel comfortable with the tone and language used in the ad copy so we'll provide different examples and you can decide what style works best for you.

Our professional copywriters will write engaging ad copy that will resonate with viewers and receive high ad ranks from Google.
Once approved...

Step 3  |  Start Running Ads

We will get going as soon as possible, adding and tweaking more campaigns over time.

The level of enquiry will increase in a very short time, so we will be regularly checking in with you in the first month to make sure the volume of leads is the right balance that you were expecting.

Case Study  |  Major Locksmith & Security Group 

The Problem

David knew that the large marketing company running Google Ads campaigns for their 2 locations wasn't delivering results and were charging him more than was reasonable. 
Having been completely 'scammed' in the past he was reluctant to change, it made more sense to stick with what he knew.

Possible Solution

David came to Total Web initially for a rebuild of their company website.
When the website was ready to go live we asked for their Google Analytics tracking code, assuming a company of his size would already have this setup.

David told us his story and we offered to help. We conducted an audit of the company's digital presence. 

Using data from Google Keyword Planner we identified how high these costs were and what he should be getting eaech month.

The Results

David switched his Adwords campaigns to Total Web. He also took on an SEO campaign to boost his organic rankings.

We were able to more than triple his inbound calls each month but were also able to give him better reporting to show him where calls were coming from via the tracking software, which shows how a click turns into a call.

David is still with Total Web, after the first 3 months, he had this to say about his experience with us.

"The results achieved by Total Web have been simply jaw-dropping. I am really happy with how everything is going. Being able to tell where our leads are coming from really helps. Thank you Total Web, you have really delivered."

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